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Giving people easy access to the world´s cars

About Us

Croove is the new car rental community from Daimler for people who don't always need their cars and also for those who would would like to rent one for a couple of days - it's like AirBnB for cars, open for all brands. 100% insured by Allianz.

Our Vision is to enable the utilisation of cars that otherwise just sit idle for most of the time. You would like to rent a car?

At Croove you always find the right car for your needs. We won't bother you with long waiting lines or cumbersome paperwork like traditional car rentals. You can rent a car easily from home using our app. We're up to 30% less expensive than car rentals, so it's worth trying us out!

Or you would rather rent out your car?

Upload your car at Croove for free and rent it out whenever you want. For the duration of the rental, your car is insured by Allianz against theft and damages for up to €1 million. We verify every renter in order to enable a trustworthy community. Besides, you can always decide wether to accept a rental request or not. Should you be out of town, our optional valet service can take care of the key handover with the renter and bring your car back to you. If you have any questions, our friendly customer support is always there for you.

Let's Croove

Daniel Rohrhirsch


„Millions of cars are used only a few hours per week - we take care of the rest of the time!”