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Ready to hit the road?

Rent a car in your neighborhood: It’s simple, fast, safe and affordable.

Start date
Fri 26/05
Pick-up time
12:00 PM
End date
Mon 29/05
Return time
12:00 PM

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With the new Croove app you can chose the car that’s right for you. Bypass the opening hours and paperwork of a regular car rental agency and skip right to the part where you pick up the keys and go. Simple, easy and secure, from the comfort of your sofa.

Insured through our partner
  • Find a car

    Browse the listings on Croove and find a car that fits your travel needs and budget.

  • Save money

    Save up to 20% compared to regular car rental agencies. Download our app now and start saving. Most important: You pay the price you see. We hate hidden fees and additional costs.

  • Have the car delivered and go

    Enjoy our optional valet service with convenient curbside delivery and hit the road.

  • Be part of the community

    Join the unique Croove community and choose from hundreds of cars in your neighborhood. And what’s more: car-sharing is good for the environment.

Our highlights in Berlin!

The perfect car in just three steps

  • Find the perfect car

    Family van or convertible? Browse the listings on Croove and find a car that’s right for you.

  • Send a request

    Book a car with just a few clicks. The owner receives your request and confirms your trip.

  • Pick up the keys and off you go

    Meet the owner for our app-assisted handover, grab the keys, and off you go!

  • Find a car

The best way to rent a car. Download the app now.

Yes, you’re covered

We’ve got your back: With our insurance package and responsive customer support we make sure you’re always safe.

Insured through our partner
  • Comprehensive insurance

    You’re protected from any damages and theft with our comprehensive insurance through our partner Allianz.

  • A community you can trust

    We verify owners and travellers alike to create a safe and secure community you can trust.

  • Service and support

    Our customer support will help you every step of the way throughout your rental. You can also enjoy our optional valet service for convenient curbside delivery.

The car that picks you up

Enjoy maximum convenience with our optional valet service. Croove offers hassle-free curbside delivery, so all you have to do is hit the road.